5 Effective Ways of Finding Inspiration to Write

To a writer, inspiration is powerful. It stirs the intellect and emotions of the writer in such a strong way, that there is no other choice but to produce creative work.

But as powerful as inspiration is, it also tends to be elusive. For writers such as myself, who overthink things, we try too hard to feel inspired, then get stuck. For other writers, inspiration is something that is just supposed to come, but never does. The fact of the matter is, that while inspiration must be sought after, it does not have to be struggled with. Here are five effective (and easy) ways of finding inspiration to write.

  1. Life Experiences. There really is no substitute for this. Everyone has had ups and downs in their lives, therefore, everyone has a story to tell.

  2. Literature. Part of being a good writer is reading literature. You can learn how to effectively write a story or poem, or read a line that makes you wonder, 'what if', leading you to write your own story.

  3. Music. Music is inherently moving. The beat, the powerful voice singing the song, and relatable lyrics will get you inspired.

  4. Art. Art is visual stimulus. The setting of a painting can inspire the setting for a story.

  5. Going for a walk. If you're like me (and tend to overthink things) going for a walk brings peace, allowing inspiration in.

So, instead of struggling to feel inspired or simply expecting inspiration to come, we can easily find it, then produce passionate and meaningful work.