5 Benefits of Exploratory Writing

We might think of compelling characters, who have yet to be placed in situations matching their complexity.

Or, we have thought of complex situations, that are devoid of fully fleshed out characters.

This is where exploratory writing comes in. While doing this, before attempting to write a story, takes extra time and effort, there are five benefits to taking this action:

  1. Gets Your Ideas Down. Once your ideas are down on paper, visible on a computer screen, or before you on a dry erase board, they are no longer just ideas in your mind, stalling the creative process. You can move forward and get to work.

  2. Helps Organize Ideas. You no longer have to worry about disorganization. Now that you have your initial ideas before you, you can place them in the correct order that they need to be in.

  3. Enables You To See What Works (And What Doesn't). Are your characters multidimensional? Is the plot intricate enough to keep the interest of your readers? If not, what needs to be added to the story, or taken out?

  4. Gain Knowledge of Where the Story is Going. Making changes to your characters and story will give you a clear vision of which direction to go in. If you stick to it, and know your ending, the story you write will be complete.

  5. Encourages The Writer To Keep Going.  Knowing that you have made the effort to write a compelling story, and seeing how your writing has improved, will inspire you to produce more work that is cohesive and interesting to your readers.

Exploratory writing is vital, if you have many disorganized and incomplete story ideas. It promotes organization and creativity, on the part of the writer.

In the following weeks, I will be blogging about several exploratory writing techniques, in order to help fellow writers get started.