Exploratory Writing Techniques Series - Part 1: Free Writing

In 5 Benefits of Exploratory Writing, I expressed why it is vital to producing creative work.

I also stated that I would be blogging about several exploratory writing techniques, to help fellow writers get started.

Since there are 5 techniques that I consider to be useful, in different instances, I decided to write a series about them.

This is the first entry in the series, and my go-to technique.

Free Writing is an exploratory writing technique that is useful, whether you have many ideas or are at a loss as to what to write about.

It involves blocking out 30 minutes to an hour to write, and any medium, be it a notebook, dry erase board, or laptop can be used.

In Free Writing, you let go. You don't worry about structure, grammar, or spelling. You just let your ideas flow freely.

After the time you've allotted for yourself is up, you will have material for your next writing project.

What at first glance seems like a mess of words, actually contains good ideas.

You might have written about a new and exciting idea that can serve as the premise of your story, or an idea that you've had for a while, but had yet to explore.

You will find that by not criticizing your writing and trying to make it perfect, the first time, you have opened up an avenue for creativity.

For my fellow writers who would prefer to take a journalistic approach to exploratory writing, the next entry in this series is for you.