Exploratory Writing Techniques Series - Part 4: Mind Mapping


The fourth entry of this series is for writers who would prefer to utilize diagrams, for exploratory writing.

Mind Mapping is similar to Free Writing and Journalists' Questions, because it involves blocking out 30 minutes to an hour to write, and Listing, because it requires the use of a spacious medium, such as a dry erase board or a sketch book.

On your chosen medium, you will write this:


As you follow these steps, make sure items related to each category are connected to one another:

1. Above the Story Goal bubble, record events that have to occur, in order to achieve it.

2. Above the Characters bubble, list all of your characters, and the roles they will play in your story.

3. Below the Setting(s) bubble, record where your story takes place.

4.Below the Era bubble, record details, regarding the time period of your story. 

The time that you spend utilizing this technique should pass by quickly, and produce the necessary framework for your story.

For my fellow writers who would prefer to use a basic outline for exploratory writing, the 5th and final entry of this series is for you.