Exploratory Writing Techniques Series - Part 2: Journalists' Questions

The second entry of this series is for writers who would prefer to take a journalistic approach to exploratory writing.

Like Free Writing, Journalists' Questions involve blocking out 30 minutes to an hour to write, without the use of a specific medium.

Unlike Free Writing, this technique requires that you ask detailed questions about your story, such as:

  1. When does my story take place?

  2. Where is my story located?

  3. What is the premise of my story?

  4. Who are my characters?

  5. How are they connected to one another?

  6. Why is it important that this story be told?

If you answer all of these questions, as thoroughly as possible, you will know which direction to go in with your story.

Using the Journalists' Questions technique will also reaffirm why you are writing this particular story; which is the most important question to answer, of all.

For my fellow writers who would prefer to use an exploratory writing technique that requires listing items, the third entry of this series is for you.